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What is a whiplash injury?

Whiplash is a generic term for injuries most commonly associated with rear-end vehicle collisions, although frontal or side impacts, as well as other types of accidents, may produce similar injuries. In a rear-impact collision, the following sequence occurs:

  • The body is propelled forward.
  • The head remains in its original position; then, before the neck muscles can relax to allow motion, the head is abruptly moved backward, often farther than its standard range of motion.
  • A rebound action occurs when the body stops suddenly and momentum forces the head and neck forward.

The injury itself is usually a tear/stress of soft tissues in the neck caused by sudden, forceful movement. Symptoms may occur immediately, or the injury may not be recognized until hours or even days after the trauma occurred.

How can my orthotics help after a whiplash injury?

Your body is similar to a moving chain, with your head, body, arms and legs linked together by joints, and supported by bones and soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, etc.). Movement at one joint influences movement at other joints in the chain.1 In fact, your feet can have a big influence on the rest of your body, especially if they are not in balance. Postural imbalance places stress and strain on body parts higher up, even in the neck, which can cause pain or perpetuate injuries.