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Ankle Pain

How Common Are Ankle Injuries?

Among the body's major joints, the ankle is the most frequently injured. In hospital emergency rooms, ankle ligament sprains are the most commonly seen injury to muscles or bones. Participation in sports/aerobics can sometimes lead to ankle sprain (for example, up to 40% of all basketball injuries involve the ankle).

As My Ankle Heals, What Can I Do To Prevent Reinjury?

In most cases, patient involvement should begin during the healing process. Your doctor may prescribe spinal/pelvic stabilizers (also called "foot orthotics") to help normalize foot and ankle motion, stabilize the joint, and protect your feet from what is known as heel-strike shock: That shock is the force wave which travels through your body every time your foot hits the ground. If not properly absorbed, heel-strike shock can adversely affect the treatments you receive, or can considerably slow your recovery. Because it is very important to wear your stabilizers all day long, and because most people wear at least two styles of shoes each day, your healthcare professional may decide that a stabilizer Combo (two pairs) would be best for you. Check with your healthcare professional for more specific details about stabilizers.